• <p>Will Rogers in China.  Will is fourth from the right on the back row and the gentleman in the center of the photo is Governor-General of the Phillippines, Dwight Davis</p>

Will Rogers wrote a great deal about China and visited the country in 1932 when he traveled around the world.

“That’s China. They have never tried our so-called progress, they like their way; it may not be the best way, but it’s their way. Here is the difference between China and these other countries like us and France and England—China knows that their government will be existing, that they will be living the same 1,000 years from now as they are today.” – Weekly Articles, 1927

“We get into more things for less reasons than any nation in the world. Not long ago China wanted to have a war. Now China is an awful peaceful nation, they don't bother nobody; China goes along, attends to their own business and they don't mess with nobody else's.” – E.R. Squibb and Sons Radio Broadcast, 1930

“Every Nation in the World has always felt privileged to dictate some particular policy to China. They would hold a conference and decide that China should have an “open door,” while they went back home and even plugged up their own key holes.” – Weekly Articles, 1925

“Trouble with me I been in China too long. If I had only stayed a couple of days I would have had a better idea of China. The more folks you talk to, the more you see and the less you know. Always dodge the “expert who has lived in China and knows China.” The last man that knew the Chinese was Confucius, and he died feeling that he was becoming a little confused about ’em.” – Daily Telegrams, December 30, 1932 (from Shanghai)

“A Crisis is just another meal to China. She can lay right down and go to sleep by the side of a Crisis. And don't waste too much pity on Poor old China; she will be here when some strange Race of people will be excavating some of our Skyscrapers and wondering what Tombs they were. There is none of us that don't feel that China will be here five thousand years from now, and none of us are sure that other Nations will be here through the life of two more flivvers.” – Letters of a Self-Made Diplomat - 1932