Will Rogers performed in Madison, Wisconsin and wrote about the state’s political figures. He wrote often about Wisconsin’s Governor, U.S. Rep, U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate, Robert Marion LaFollette.

“A Child born in Wisconsin is taught two things. One is to love LaFollette and the other is to hate Minnesota.” – Life Magazine, 1922

“One thing, they can’t accuse Coolidge of trying to cater to the voter by going to a doubtful State. Wisconsin is never doubtful. You can always depend on it doing just exactly what the other forty-seven don’t.” – Daily Telegrams, June 1, 1928

“But the terrible things were the nominating speeches. Every man would talk for half the time about what his state had done. For instance a Wisconsin man gabbed for an hour seconding the nomination of Al Smith, but telling what Wisconsin had accomplished, including the milk and butter fat per cow. Now what’s that got to do with Al? Poor Al don’t know Butter fat from butter beans, as far as the dairy interests are concerned.” – Weekly Articles, 1928 (Al Smith was running for President on the Democrat ticket)

“Wisconsin did something or other in the papers this morning. I don’t know what it was as they are always doing something that nobody can figure out.” – Daily Telegrams, September 22, 19323