Will Rogers visited Washington on several occasions and wrote about it’s political figures. Seattle was the last place Will played polo while on his fateful trip to Alaska in 1935.

“Seattle is a real city, the end of the main line, New York in miniature, boats for China, Japan, Los Angeles seven hours by plane, Spokane, Minneapolis, and Chicago by plane. Sixty lakes are in sixty- minutes drive by car from City Hall….The Lieut. Governor of the State is a fiddle player, the only politician in America with a legitimate profession.” – Daily Telegrams, 1935

“Seattle is a great aeroplane center on account of the great Boeing plane being made there. They supply the government a lot of them and to lots of commercial and private parties. They have a fine field, well equipped, and Vancouver has one out on an island or a point of land, I was so busy looking at the beautiful scenery that I couldn't tell. – Weekly Articles, 1932

“Just flew in here from Portland. Beautiful country and it’s the only way to see it. When Brisbane and I get our aviation we can make all trips like this.” – Daily Telegrams, March 21, 1927 (writing from Tacoma, Washington)

“Seattle is awful pretty from the air, (well from anywhere), but with a sea plane that takes off from the water you are nearer the city and not so high as you would be if flying over it in a land plane. Then you start above those channels, and Islands and lakes, and then out and up the Coast. If there is a prettier trip in the World than from Seattle to Alaska by what they call Inland Passage, I never saw it.” – Weekly Articles, 1935