Will Rogers visited Vermont and wrote about Vermont’s political figures on occasion. He wrote quite often about “Vermonter,” President Calvin Coolidge.

“Well, here I am for the first time up in “Calvin’s country.” I have passed through here coming down from Canada lots of times but I never stopped off here. Have had the most beautiful trip today from Boston on the Central Vermont Railroad up the White River. I won’t know until tonight how I am going to make out up here with these Vermonters when I open up with my riddles on “Cal.” Of course they aren’t so terribly strong for him because he left here and went over to Massachusetts; so about all he ever did for them was to be born here. If you are doing some motoring this Summer, why, don’t overlook this part of the country, it is beautiful.” – Daily Telegrams, May 7, 1927

“George Morse, Golf Champion of Vermont. There are only two other Golphers in Vermont. One of them is George’s wife, Helen Morse, and if she didn’t let him beat her on the golf course he would beat her at home. The other golpher in Vermont lost his ball on the first hole and has had to quit.” – Weekly Articles, 1926

“He said the worry of the Presidential office had been to much for many of our Presidents. I told him I had never known a Vermonter to do any tremendous amount of worrying on $75,000 a year.” – Letters of A Self-Made Diplomat to His President, 1926

“I have just been up there. Vermont has got Black ones, Green ones, White ones, any kind, color, shape or size Hill that you want. Why when it comes to having hills, Dakota is just an amateur. Vermont has misplaced more Hills than Dakota’s Chamber of Commerce has on their list. So I don’t know what he is going to the Black Hills to hunt hills for. Why Vermont has more hills in what they call their valleys than Dakota can produce on top of their hills. A Vermont farm don’t lay. It hangs.” – Weekly Articles, 1927

“You see, the reason there is more fish in Vermont is economy. The fishermen up there don’t spare much bait. They try to get what few they can with just an empty hook. If you want to be extravagant and really use plenty of bait why you can get all the great fishing you want in Vermont.” – Weekly Articles, 1927