Will Rogers traveled to Utah on several occasions and wrote about Utah’s politics. He mentioned Brigham Young in several articles and he thought Utah was a beautiful state as he flew over it several times in mail planes, having to pay postage for himself.

“Utah is a great state and those Mormons are fine substantial citizens.” – Weekly Articles, 1933

“Brigham Young might have seen more women than I have, but I have seen more of Utah today than he ever saw. Who said this country was all settled up? Tonight we will see how it feels to fly at night.” – Daily Telegrams, October 18, 1927 (after flying over Utah in a mail plane)

“California wants all the power and water, Arizona says: “Just half of it belongs to you, so if you want to, why dam up your own side of the river and use it, but don’t use any of our side. Utah says,”You are both cuckoo.” Brigham laid out that river through Utah the same time he installed the organ in the tabernacle.” – Weekly Articles, 1924 (Writing about the Hoover Dam consideration at the Grand Canyon.)

“Why, the U.S. Government owns 75 per cent of all the land in Nevada. Utah is next. You wouldn’t think it, but Brigham Young and Mr. Joseph Smith only took over 53 per cent of the land in Utah, leaving the government (if my Rays green back arithmatic is correct) 47 per cent.” – Weekly Articles, 1929

“'We are going out of Nevada and into Utah. Brigham, I envy you. I only got one; the law and looks kinder slow me up matrimonially, but I got to give you credit; you sure did pick a fine country to fly over.” – Saturday Evening Post, 1928