South Dakota

South Dakota

Will visited South Dakota on a few occasions and wrote about the state’s politics. He also wrote often about the Black Hills, especially joking about the times President Calvin Coolidge spent there.

“You going to hear an awful lot in the next few years about a man from South Dakota named Beulow. He is a Democrat and from South Dakota. Now that’s like a Zulu being discovered on the Behring sea.” – Weekly Articles, 1930

“For a Democrat to venture into South Dakota is almost like a Republican taking his life into his hands by entering South Carolina.” – Weekly Articles, 1928

“Am here in South Dakota. Coolidge found it in the Summer time, but I guess I am about the only one who ever came here in the Winter. I am looking for that Democratic Governor of theirs who made such a big hit at the Jackson Day dinner in Washington. He is the fellow that said they had a big game preserve up here and they just built a high fence around it and turned Calvin in there and gathered him in and shipped him back to Washington in the Fall. I am going to bring that old boy out of these hills and run him for some- thin’.” – Daily Telegrams, February 21, 1928

“Compare that campaign plea with the one of my old friend’s Governor Beulow of South Dakota, who is out for the Senate and who says, “There is no issue in this election; the other fellow has got a job and I want it.” Such honesty must come from a Democrat. It does, and it should be rewarded at the polls.” – Daily Telegrams, October 31, 1930

“I was born on Nov. 4, which is election day, and if it hadn’t been for election day there would have been no Coolidge in the Black Hills. My birthday has made more men and sent more back to honest work than any other days in the year.” – Daily Telegrams, July 4, 1927