South Carolina

South Carolina

Will Rogers visited South Carolina on several occasions and he spoke frequently about the State’s politics.

“Well you actors and politicians can have all the race horses and cigars and perfume named after you, but I got some clippings from down in South Carolina that was mighty gratifying to me. Will Rogers, an old pot hound, was voted the best hunting dog in the State, and he took another prize for the finest looking dog. So my regards to the champion of South Carolina.” – Daily Telegrams, November 12, 1934

“Just had lunch with the Governor of South Carolina. He has nine grown daughters. What would the wide-open spaces of the West give for some Governors like that? In a few years he will have enough grandchildren to vote him Governor for life.” – Daily Telegrams, February 14, 1927

“An ex-Governor and State leader had a fist fight in South Carolina. One called the other a Republican. Had the accused killed him for calling him that it would have been hard to convict him in any court where justice is really dealt out.” – Daily Telegrams, May 17, 1928

“Lord, for two hundred thousand you could get into Charleston (South Carolina) Society, and that’s the most exclusive place in the world. Coolidge wanted to go there and speak one time and they found some broken limbs on his family tree away back in the sixteenth century and they had to call the visit off.” – Weekly Articles, 1927

“For a Democrat to venture into South Dakota is almost like a Republican taking his life into his hands by entering South Carolina.” – Weekly Articles, 1928