Will Rogers visited Oregon and a few occasions and he wrote about Oregon political figures. He stopped in Oregon on his fateful flight to Alaska.

“Beautiful country Northern Cal., and Oregon and Washington, everything green, rivers galore. Into Portland, Ore., a beautiful air field on an Island, and a beautiful located city.” – Weekly Articles, 1935

“I’m going to Oregon tomorrow looking for a Democrat.” – Daily Telegrams, March 19, 1927

“Have all so-called civilized Nations stop wars on rainy days. Then hold all wars in Portland, Oregon where it rains every day and you will eliminate Wars and have universal Peace.” – The Illiterate Digest, 1924

“Say, our champion New York University team looked like Man o’ War till that bunch of Oregon apple knockers got a hold of ’em this afternoon.” – Daily Telegrams, November 29, 1928