North Dakota

North Dakota

Will Rogers wrote just a little about North Dakota and he mentioned North Dakota on a few occasions as well as the delegates that North Dakota was supporting. We don’t have a record that he ever visited North Dakota.

“So the Wets in Pennsylvania will vote for Dry Hoover, because he's a Republican, and the Drys in Texas will vote for Wet Smith, because he's a Democrat. Although the problem of the Farmer in Alabama is just about the same as the problem of the Farmer in North Dakota, one of them will vote for Smith and the other will vote for Hoover.” – Life, August 30, 1928

“Well this old country is just a little too big for anyone to go clear across and back, and expect to keep on the front page all the way. What kind of dress you are wearing in Mandan, North Dakota, on the thirty-fifth day of your stay kinder loses its interest. Unless she had appeared barefooted in some town it didn't have much chance making the Associated Press.” – Weekly Articles, 1926

“You hunted Diamonds in Kimberly, while I found a Democrat in North Dakota.” – Life, August 9, 1928

“I am at this moment having breakfast at the St. Paul Hotel, in St. Paul (I think). This is the town where no one can ever remember whether it is in Wisconsin or Minnesota, and it acts more like North Dakota than it does like either Wisconsin or Minnesota. Climatically it’s the Capitol of Siberia.” – Weekly Articles, 1925