North Carolina

North Carolina

Will Rogers visited North Carolina several times and commented frequently on their politics.

“North Carolina was in a rut till Lucky Strikes and Camels pulled them out.” – Weekly Articles, 1928

“North Carolina and Duke University had played a tie game and there was a big demand for them to play a benefit game, but the Southern Conference rules forbid. (That’s one thing about a conference; they want to keep the dough in the Conference.)” – Daily Telegrams, December 17, 1930

“When I come through North Carolina the other day they were trying every means known to devilment and science to get their Legislature to resign.” – Daily Telegrams, May 18, 1931

“Say, my trip to South America was of some use to someone besides myself. Get this. It’s a new one on me. “Dear Mr. Rogers: Did you know when you left for South America that you took forty-nine fifth grade pupils from Concord, North Carolina, with you? We clipped your daily messages and found the places on the map, and tried to learn all we could of the places. We liked the trip fine. We liked our hop over the Andes with you, Buenos Aires, Rio Janeiro, Santiago, Chili, Lima, Peru, and all of them were beautiful. “You have made us love South America. Hurry up and go somewhere else. We want to go with you. Fifth grade, Long School, Miss Perberton’s room.” – Daily Telegrams, November 13, 1932