New York

New York

New York is where Will Rogers started to become a nationally known figure. After being in a few traveling western shows he made his way to New York City to be in Vaudeville. Will slowly rose to stardom and landed a coveted position in the Ziegfeld Follies. He gained even more fame when he roped a steer that had gotten lose in Madison Square Garden. It was in New York where he went from just a roping act to an international commentator on the events of the day.

“Say, these New York weather fellows deliver the goods. They advertised in all the papers yesterday that they had another storm in rehearsal, that they would be ready to produce one that would be a bigger production than the last one, and by gosh I believe it looks tonight like the boys are going to make good.” – Daily Telegrams, February 25, 1934

“You can’t sell a pair of shoes in New York without it’s done through the Stock Exchange. I got an order in with a broker for ten subway tickets.” – Daily Telegrams, December 7, 1928

“Everybody is happy here in New York tonight. The market went up today. Spirits here just go up or down according to that day’s market. They think the whole United States just depends on what pocket the little white ball rolled into on the Exchange roulette table that day.” – Daily Telegrams, May 1, 1933

“New York has just appointed a new police chief. The murderers just wouldn’t surrender to the other one. But this new one, he is just as high toned as they are. So we ought to get some results, now.” – Daily Telegrams, December 13, 2017

“If you go to anything in New York, no matter if you pay 50 cents or $5, there will be a policemen standing just in front of you.” – Weekly Articles, 1923

“It was so cold today that for one hour this morning they didn’t roll the dice on the New York Stock Exchange. When those crap shooters hands can’t roll ’em it’s cold.” – Daily Telegrams, February 20, 1934