Will Rogers visited Nevada many times and spoke often about Nevada politicians. He wrote frequently about the building of the Hoover Dam, the politics of it and the role it would play. Will wrote an entire Weekly Article titled, “What Do You Know About Nevada?” in 1930.

“Nevada is a great old state to prowl around in. I went on down to another famous old place Ryolite, and another nearby called “Bullfrog.” But it had jumped its last. Then on that same trip and that same day I drove into Death Valley and visited Death Valley Scotty’s famous castle. But that’s a whole story in itself, in fact it’s a book, but just get in your car and drive around some time no matter where you live, you will be surprised the old interesting things there is to visit. But don’t miss Nevada” – Weekly Articles, 1932

“Just delivered free public advice to the Governor, Senate and State Legislature of Nevada. They killed the License Gambling bill here today. The gambling element killed it. They voted against paying a license. With all other States gambling free, there was no reason they should pay a license here.” – Daily Telegrams, March 16, 1927

“Nevada has a great law. When they vote on a bond issue, or any money to be spent, they have two ballots. One is for property owners and one is for non-property owners, and to pass, it has to be a majority of both. Nevada will take your wife away from you with representation, but they won’t let anybody who pays no taxes take your property away from you.” – Daily Telegrams, October 27, 1933

“Every State in the Union gambles as much as Nevada does, but they were smart enough to pass a law and get some tax money out of it. If Wall Street paid a tax on every “game” they run, we would get enough revenue to run the government on.” – March 20, 1931

“Just back from a rodeo over at a great little Western town called Winnemucca, Nev. That’s a great State. When you feel that the people around you are taking too much care of your private business, why move to Nevada. It’s freedom’s last stand in America.” – Daily Telegrams, August 31, 1930