Will Rogers visited Nebraska and flew into Omaha on several occasions. He spoke frequently about Nebraska politicians, especially former Nebraska Rep., William Jennings Bryan. Will talked often about the plight of the farmers and was always writing that Congress should assist them and he spoke at the University of Nebraska in 1929.

“Any man that has drove a cultivator up a corn row in Nebraska, no man that comes out of a bank is going to beat him cussing.” – Weekly Articles, 1924

“Just been prowling around up in this country with the farmers. They have about given up hope of getting farm relief and have decided to fertilize instead.” – Daily Telegrams, February 26, 1928 (written in Omaha, Nebraska)

“Some of these Boys when they come to interview me had their questions written out. About the best and most complete one was handed to me at Lincoln, Nebraska, where their State University is. I was playing there that night, and back stage come just about as dejected a looking Senior as I had ever seen. He was just about to finish school and was about to have to meet the world head on, and he wanted to be fortified with a profession. So he picked out humor, and he had from then to June to "Major" in it. He was matriculating in laughter at Bryans old stronghold. But he lost all confidence in me as a funny man when I couldn't answer right off the reel the few little simple questions that he had written down and handed me. So I got him to let me take the paper and send him back the answers later.” – American Magazine, September, 1929

“We are off to Omaha, with a stop for gas at North Platte, Nebraska. We will change planes and pilots again in Omaha. Then from there on in to Chicago.” – Saturday Evening Post, October 29, 1927