Will Rogers visited Louisiana on several occasions and commented frequently on Louisiana politics, especially Huey Long. Will also traveled to New Orleans to help raise money for those that were flooded in Louisiana in 1927 and he also flew over much of the state to review the flood damage. He said he “flew over more water than Lindbergh did, only this had housetops sticking out of it.”

“Well, sir, I had a unique experience today. I was literally run out of a town through too much kindness. I just had to leave Baton Rouge. These Louisiana people are the most friendly and hospitable you ever saw. Of course, there is two sides down here (but that has nothing to do with their hospitality). There is what I would call the “Longs” and the “Shorts” (There is no mediums). Now they are trying to make “Shorts” out of the “Longs” and Huey is trying to make “Longs” out of not only the State “Shorts” but all the United States “Shorts.” I visited their Capitol today, the finest in the world outside Finland. They have buttons on the desks and they vote by electricity. It’s a marvelous way to vote, but Huey runs the switchboard, so it don’t matter much which button the boys press, all the answers come out yes. But they are great folks.” – Daily Telegrams, January 29, 1935

“Speaking of colleges, I feel real sorry for Huey Long. I believe his team was as good as Tulane (if not better), but they didn’t kick goal after touchdown. The first bill to be passed by the next sovereign State of Louisiana’s Legislature will read as follows: “In accordance with, and in defense of State rights, any football kicked through goal after touchdown is null and void, unless done so by University of Louisiana.” It’s the one bill that he overlooked last fall, so he has nobody to blame but himself for not being in the Sugar Bowl New Year’s Day.” – Huey Long – December 4, 1934

“Lotteries in our history come clear on down to Louisiana. You all remember when Louisiana - the Louisiana Lottery. It was doing great till they drew Huey Long and then they stopped it.” – Good Gulf Show, May 5, 1935

“I thought they had mistaken me for Lindbergh here today. This is without doubt the most appreciative city I have ever seen. This whole valley’s appreciation to all the rest of the United States is wonderful. I am not going to tell you about the show and how much we got until tomorrow, but it will beat any benefit given for the cause anywhere. Thanks to friends from all over America for checks.” – Daily Telegrams, June 1, 1927 – (Writing from New Orleans about raising money for flood relief)