• <p>"In Old Kentucky" was released after Will's death in 1935</p>

Will Rogers visited Kentucky on several occasions and commented on Kentucky political figures often. One of Will’s movies was “In Old Kentucky,” a movie about horse racing. He filmed it the year he died, 1935, and it came out after his death. One of Will’s most famous scenes is when he dances with Bill (“Bojangles”) Robinson in the movie.

“Today the Governor of Kentucky made me aide on his staff with the rank of colonel. I thought I would get out of Kentucky without being made a colonel. But luck was against me. This Governor is a Republican, and I do hope people will not think anything changed hands but the commission. His name is Sampson, a very strong man. He certainly slayed the Democrats “with the jawbone of an ass.” His Democratic opponents ran on “no horse racing in Kentucky,” thereby not only supplying Mr. Sampson with the jawbone, but making themselves the whole animal by thinking that Kentucky would vote against horse racing.” – Daily Telegrams, April 1, 1928

“Well, the Kentucky Derby is all over now, and maybe Congress can settle down to work again.” – Daily Telegrams, May 5, 1935

“Old Kentucky has a law which gives the doctors the benefit of the doubt. They won’t count votes or bodies till the next day.” – Daily Telegrams, November 9, 1933

“Did you ever hear of as crazy a law as Kentucky has? They make ’em wait twenty-four hours before counting the votes. That’s to give the counters a chance to think it over and be honest. Twenty-four hours is supposed to make you honest in Kentucky. Why not wait till both candidates are dead, then there can be no crookedness shown. Then they wonder why we don’t take our lawmakers serious.” – Daily Telegrams, November 7, 1930