• <p>Will Rogers in the movie "State Fair," which is about an Iowa State Fair</p>

Will Rogers visited Iowa several times and talked about the politics and people of the state on many occasions. In his movie, “State Fair” (pictured) there were background shots from the Iowa State Fair. He spoke all over the state including Des Moines, Waterloo and Sioux City. He loved to joke that Iowans are future Californians.

“I am just entering Iowa. I haven’t been there in years, not since it moved to Long Beach, California. I am looking forward with great anxiety to seeing the birthplace of 90% of Southern California’s Native Sons. A corn crop in Iowa means many extra Tourist’s sleepers to California. California really just uses Iowa as a sort of Hatchery. For an Iowan to get a Picture Post Card of an orange grove in the winter time is just like receiving a telegram his nearest relative is sick. He leaves at once.” – Weekly Articles, 1925

“I am here in Iowa looking over the future Californians. We are just picking the best. We are not letting ’em all come like they used to, it’s restricted immigration now.

This State has been trying for seven straight years to get an election held to vote bonds for roads. The election requires half the voters to vote. Well, the roads have been so bad they have never been able to get the voters to town. So now they have called an election for the month of May. That gives them an entire month to come in on horseback and vote.” – Daily Telegrams, February 22, 1928

“Just flew in here in a new Ryan monoplane against a terrific head wind with Pilot Livingstone. Talk about meeting great people. I had breakfast in Des Moines with “Ding,” the great political cartoonist. He won’t leave Des Moines. That’s where he gets all those wonderful rube ideas. The streets are packed here today with farmers’ automobiles waiting for relief.” – Daily Telegrams, April 27, 1928

“But Iowa is doing mighty fine. Hogs is low but spirits is high. They feel that on account of next year being a Presidential year that the Republicans will give them a fine crop. She is a great State is Iowa. I brought ’em all word from the relatives out in California.” – Weekly Articles, 1928