• <p>Home of Cherokee Chief James Vann</p>

Will Rogers was named after a Georgia-born Cherokee tribal leader, Will Penn Adair and Will Rogers’ Cherokee roots are from Georgia. Will spoke often about Georgia politics and he visited Georgia on a couple of occasions.

“Mr. Coolidge also just got back off a trip away down in Georgia. That’s as far for him as Chile and Peru was for Hoover. Mr. Coolidge took passports down there with him.” – Daily Telegrams, January 4, 1929

“Say Huey, you and all these other third- party guys better look out. This fellow Talmadge, Governor of Georgia, although a late starter among all these Presidential self-starters, is coming strong. Some of his talks make pretty good sense.” – Daily Telegrams, May 13, 1935

“And, speaking of cities, Atlanta is making the first page this week by the aid of a “putter.” If Bobby Jones wins this one, Georgia will be the nineteenth hole.” – Daily Telegrams, September 23, 1930