• <p>Will Rogers in Connecticut Yankee</p>

Will Rogers visited Connecticut and referred to a visit to Westport in one of his Weekly Articles. He spoke often about Connecticut politics, especially of Connecticut Governor Wilbur Cross. One of Will’s most famous movies was Connecticut Yankee, the story written by Mark Twain.

“Governor Greene of Rhode Island and Governor Cross of Connecticut are awful highly educated and speak different from these western and southern Governors. So my job is really an interpreter for Greene and Cross.” – Daily Telegrams, July 24, 1933

“They put Governor Cross of Connecticut right next to Jean Harlow, the Palimeno Blonde. So Jean is liable to be moving into Hartford any day now. This old Governor was quite a favorite out here. A grand soul. He and Governor Green of Rhode Island while both were intellectual, they could act awful human at times, which after all is the real test of a “Guy” with a high education.” – Weekly Articles, 1933

A Bridgeport, Connecticut, newspaper saw him as uniquely capable of dealing with an adversary which recently had destroyed a president's peace plans: "Nobody can see through politicians at Washington more clearly than Rogers. Nobody holds them in less awe. As president, he certainly would not be afraid-of the senate. Much more likely, the senate would be afraid of him. Every time one of the senate windbags began to gas, Rogers would utter a piercing remark of perhaps ten words, and deflate him. . . . "