• <p>Will and Betty Rogers</p>
  • <p>Monument at Arkansas Tech in Russellville</p>

There was a special place in Will Rogers' heart for Arkansas. His wife, Betty, was from Rogers Arkansas and they were married in Rogers. Will visited the state many times and commented about the politics of the state on numerous occasions. There is a monument (pictured) for Will at Arkansas Tech in Russellville, where he came to town in 1931 and gave a speech to help raise a few thousand dollars that went to a new municipal airport. He would frequently spell Arkansas, Arkansaw.

“Say, if you want to visit the most beautiful country in the United States, don’t overlook these Ozark Mountains. In these are where I grabbed off my only wife. So you will pardon me for bragging on Arkansas.” - Daily Telegrams, February 22, 1927

“Anytime you tangle with an Arkansaw hillbilly or hillbillyess, you are going to run second.” – Daily Telegrams, July 30, 1935

“Arkansas voted last Tuesday against evolution and Republicans. They don’t want anything taught about either subject in their schools.” – Daily Telegrams, November 11, 1928

“Outside of the Legislature’s action, why, old Arkansas is certainly booming. Hot Springs is crowded with guests. They are exhibiting me here at the Arlington Hotel.” – Daily Telegrams, Feb 21, 1927