• <p>Will speaking at the dedication of the Coolidge Dam. Pres Coolidge is sitting to Will's left</p>

Will Rogers visited Arizona several times and Arizona even cast one vote for Rogers on the sixty eighth ballot of the Democratic Convention on 1924. He commented extensively on Arizona politics and the building of the Hoover Dam.

"If you never take but one airplane trip in your life, make it the one where you fly over the Grand Canyon." Daily Telegrams - August 24, 1928

“I like Arizona. She is a real cattle country, and the old big stock pens along the railroad sho looks good.” Weekly Articles – 1927

“Going to fly over in Arizona tomorrow and see Mr. Coolidge dedicate the great Coolidge Dam. Arizona had to build the dam way over in the middle of the State to keep California from claiming two-thirds of the water.” Daily Telegrams – March 3, 1930

“Don’t miss seeing the building of Boulder Dam. It’s the biggest that’s ever been done with water since Noah made the flood look foolish. You know how big the Grand Canyon is. Well, they just stop up one end of and make the water come out through a drinking fountain. They have only been bothered with two things. One is silt and the other is Senatorial investigators. They both clog everything up.” Daily Telegrams, Sept 6, 1932

“Arizona says dam California; if they want a dam let ’em dam their own river as much as they dam please, but Arizona be- dams if she is even going to split a dam so dammed bad; let ’em dam their climate or dam Frisco or dam something. Why pick on us to dam? We don’t want to be vulgar, but in plain words, dam California. But they are not going to dam us or Arizona’s Colorado River at any dam place, any dam time. And our dam senators will tell the dam world as long as they have a dam bit of breath left, so that’s the whole dam business in a dam nutshell.

This is from the dammed best mayor in Beverly Hills.” Daily Telegrams – March 2, 1927